Women Only Classes

Suitable Ages 14+

Monday 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Women Only program is designed to give women the opportunity to access martial arts without any of the added pressure or barriers that can be incurred by having men present at the class. The classes are run by 2 experienced female instructors that pride themselves on creating a fun, friendly and welcoming environment for ladies to train in.

Cardio workouts, Padwork, Body Weight Circuits, Bag Work, Sparring and so much more await you in our Women Only classes. We cater for all levels of fitness within these lessons.  All we ask is that you come along and try your best. These classes are beneficial for strength and fitness, weight loss (a healthy eating plan and weekly weigh-ins are available on request), self-defence, confidence, socialising.

In our Women Only lessons you will be taught; Standard Kickboxing, K1 Kickboxing (using elbows and knees), Self-defence and Boxing.  Sparring is optional but most of our ladies find that they enjoy it. The contact is kept very light unless both parties and instructors consent. Our students will be asked to demonstrate sparring in both lessons and gradings (Unless previously arranged).  When sparring all correct safety equipment must be worn (Listed on out sparring safety equipment page).