The 10th April 2016 was the first day I set foot in Walsall Black Belt Academy. Exactly a year on, I can say I have not only become fitter but have grown as a person. From day one, the instructors have always made me want to strive to do better in every aspect whether it be in sparring, fitness, discipline and even confidence. They are there to motivate you every step of the way.
A sense of family and community is created not only by the instructors but students too, which has always kept me coming back for more. Being a girl in the mixed class comes with its own set of challenges but through the support of all those at WBBA they have never felt like a challenge. I have never felt out of place or been made to think that I can’t achieve the same as everyone else in the class. I always feel at home in which ever class I attend whether that be the women’s, mixed or sparring sessions.
Every lesson is built upon from the previous one and is tailored to meet the needs of everyone in the group. The focus of the lessons may vary whether it be technique, fitness or application however the motivation and the push to do better is present in all of them. Every tag and belt grading is as intense as the one before but by the end of each you know that you deserve to wear that the belt you are given. You worked hard for it and should always wear it with pride.
This journey has not been easy but no one ever said it was going to be. It goes without saying that this is something I wish to see through to the end and with the support and motivation from those around me at WBBA I finally know it is possible.
— Sabby Rai Adult Student

I can still remember the first day we walked through the door of WBBA. A busy waiting room full of parents with eager children of all ages waiting to get on the mats and train. But let’s rewind a few years, Harvey was going through a phase at school where he was being bullied constantly to the point he came to me and burst into tears saying he didn’t want to go to school anymore. I approached the school and they weren’t dealing with it as expected which is where after much searching online I stumbled across Walsall BlackBelt Academy. Arrangements were made with Kamran for Harvey to attend his first class on 25/01/2013. Needless to say by the end of his first class in the Ninjas he loved it!
Now over 4 years later Harvey (age 9) is still a student at WBBA and very close to his Black Belt in the Cadets. He also attends the fight squad sparring session on a Wednesday which has taught him what he needs to learn to be able to take part in competition bouts.
As a parent I have been there for every session and kept the motivation high for my son, the facilities at WBBA are great and the staff are amazing! We were made to feel like part of a family from day one and still feel the same today.
I am now a student at WBBA myself, after all the years of sitting there for endless hours supporting my son, I thought maybe I should join?? I am by no means an athlete and at age 33 am actually overweight, but having tried the gym and failed due to getting bored and having no motivation to go, I thought let’s give this a go. I have sciatica but must admit since January 2017 I haven’t had any back pains at all and feel my fitness improving with every week that goes by. The training is intense but nobody said this journey would be easy.
I simply don’t have a bad word to say about WBBA and its staff, what I can say is that both Harvey and myself will be students at WBBA for many, many more years and as Harvey says to me “I want Kamran in my corner when I am a champion”
— Richard Jays Adult Student and Parent

Walsall Blackbelt Academy is far more than just a place to train. My journey started in January 2012 when after a few Christmas photos emerged I decided that I needed to lose some weight and I chose WBBA on the recommendation of my brother in law. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel welcome and as a complete novice and unfit person was encouraged by all students and instructors. The instructors teach in a manner that clearly explains how to train and more importantly how to train safely and set you on your martial arts path. The syllabus they teach helps you learn in a clearly defined method that is easy to follow and understand to assist you in progression through the club and through the various belts.
The fitness, cardio, health and martial arts is phenomenal but this is only part of the clubs ideology. As a student of WBBA you are welcomed into the family and both students and instructors aim is to help you in any way they can both while training and outside in your own life as well, they encourage you, inspire you, push you beyond what you thought you could achieve to a point where you discover yourself in a totally new light.
Since I started I have lost over 4 stone so that in itself from a weight loss perspective is fantastic and for that
I have nothing but respect for the club and the WBBA family. I would encourage anyone who thinks they might like to give something martial arts based a go to try WBBA, they are without a doubt the most supportive, welcoming, dedicated and inspiring club you are going to find.
— Aaron Holmes 1st Dan Adult Student

I am very proud to say I was a part of the WBBA family for 4 and a half years. During this time I went from being a complete novice to passing my 1st Dan (1st degree black belt). Whilst I was going through the belts I also competed in several light contact tournaments/single fights, an amateur MMA tournament and I eventually built up to fight full contact in kickboxing. Competition here is optional and not forced on anyone. I will always remember the first time I walked in to enquire about lessons. I was met by a bustling waiting room full of families and a smiling face behind the desk. Soon after my trial lessons I was hooked. Having took part in pretty much every sport going I just felt martial arts was different, the challenge felt new, exciting and testing but most of all it was made to feel fun by the instructors here. I found their methods of teaching very easy to follow and if there was ever an occasion I was unsure of what to do I had no problem asking for help and demonstrations. The grading can be hard and everyone is pushed, having said that the great thing about WBBA’s instructors and coaches is that they have a very good feel for an individual’s limits. Everything you have to display in a grading is taught to you very thoroughly before hand. I truly loved training here, the martial arts is taken very seriously but at the same time the atmosphere is warm and friendly and everyone encourages everyone at all times. Had I not moved out of area I would still be attending
Martial arts IS for everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of it. It really did become a way of life for me and I have made some great friends from training at WBBA. Highly recommended.
— Neil Higgs 2nd Dan Adult student

When I first joined the women only class at WBBA I was nervous about starting kickboxing and thought it might be intimidating – I shouldn’t have worried, the trainers and all the girls were so welcoming within the first 15 minutes I felt like I’d always been part of the group. One of the great things about this class is that the people are of all different ages and abilities and all classes are adaptable to all levels… Each week is different, I love my Monday evenings at WBBA, it’s that bit of “me” time that I don’t get anywhere else and is a fantastic workout. The classes are great fun and you get to know different people and improve together. Both my husband and my son train here and it’s hard not to love being a part of the team and community that makes up WBBA
— Kiri Johnson Adults Student Women's Only Program

I first took my son to WBBA 4 1/2 years ago after years of poor health and poor confidence. I watched the instructors work hard with him and his confidence grew instantly but more importantly his health improved drastically. He now represents the club in competitions and loves WBBA. Over the years I have struggled with my weight due to stress of work and managing his illness and hate any kind of sport. I have spent loads of time and money on quick fix exercise fads but nothing helped or stuck. So from sitting on the side-lines I finally took the plunge and joined the women’s Only class and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I did, Laura and Sarah are brilliant instructors who have so much patience and help me when I get things wrong all the time. They work so hard with us and make it fun but a really good work out. I love my Monday night class now and look forward to taking the stress away in class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone
— Hayley Powell Parent and Women's Only Program

Great class! A fun way to keep active and get some aggression out! Definitely a highlight of the week!
— Mandeep Marwah Adult Student Women's Only Program

So here is why I joined women’s kickboxing.
My children attend WBBA and have achieved so much. Watching them at such a young age makes me proud. So joining a woman only class sounded a little less scary!!
I’ve met some lovely ladies here and although we are here to learn and work hard, it’s also fun. Also I now have an interest that we share as a family X
— Samantha Green Parent and Adult Student Women's Only Programme
I was very apprehensive about trying the class due to past health issues and injuries but there was no need to worry. The instructors are very supportive and encouraging and there are always adaptations if there is something i can’t do for any reason. Each class is different so you never get bored and there is a varied programme including cardio in addition to the boxing combinations. My fitness and co ordination has improved so much since i started the class and i’m looking forward to seeing how much further i will progress. Cannot thank the womenonly@WBBA for helping me to finally participate in the sport i waited 40 years to do
— Vivenne Haynes Adult Student Women's Only Programme
I had previously tried other sports such as football and rugby. I found WBBA online and thought why not? I found the instructors to be so friendly and welcoming as well as the girls who were currently there. I remember my first few lessons thinking I will never ever get get the hang of this ... Now i cant wait for the next challenge. Everyone works well together and encourages you to always perform at your best.
I recently went though a spate of being bullied at work. Even then i had the full support of the instructor who listened and helped me though it... making me stronger and more confident. Nothing you ask is too much trouble and it is a place where i can be me and be acccepted. ( plus get rid of all my frustration and aggression) I Would Highly recommend the classes to any ladies or gentlemen who are thinking of joining. I would now be lost without my ladies kickboxing and i cant thank Sarah and Laura enough.
— Anonymous
I was introduced to WBBA after signing up for a Pink Collar Boxing Event. Two year on im still training regularly. The staff at WBBA are knowledgeable friendly and supportive. They truly care about every student and will push you to achieve. I am currently 7 months pregnant and with the ongoing support of the staff i have been able to continue training with routines tailored to me and without risk to me or my growing bump.

I cant recommend WBBA highly enough.
— Ellen Evans Adult Student Women's Only Programme
As a martial arts school i dont think you will find a better school. They treat you like part of the family. Teach you, help you identify your strenghts and guild you to not only be a better martial artist but also tap into your inner strength
All of the instructors are very talented martial artists and can help with every aspect of your training
If you want to be the best you can be I say come down to WBBA.
— Andy Beach Adult Student
I have been training at WBBA for 8 years and would fully recommend it to anybody. Whether it’s to gain fitness, loose weight or become a championship level fighter, all of this is possible at WBBA!
Training at WBBA is not only for adults, the children’s classes are amazing for teaching discipline, self defence and general fitness. There is also a women’s only class. WBBA is guaranteed to suit anybody
— Dan Johnson adult student and parent
I couldn’t recommend this family friendly club enough. After sitting on the sidelines for the past 5 years, I finally took the plunge and joined myself. I haven’t regretted a second. if you’re looking to get fit, have fun or compete WBBA is the place
— Steve Powell Adult student and parent