Hydesville Tower School

A huge well done to the students from Hydesville Tower School who have completed their course with us to achieve their yellow belts!

Another great term from this school and remember guys - you’re all more than welcome to join our club and continue your martial arts journey!

Congratulations all! We look forward to seeing you back on the mats soon!

Neil Williamson
All School Notice

Saturday free sparring sessions are now cancelled until September.

The Wednesday paid sparring sessions will still be continuing as usual:

Cadets 5.30pm - 7pm

Adults 7pm - 9pm

The paid session costs £5 for members and £7 for non members

Neil Williamson
June Graduation Grading

Our next graduation grading will be Saturday 29th June!

Cadets will be grading from 10am until 12pm

Adults will be grading from 12.15pm onwards

Graduation grading costs £15 per student and all belts and certificates are awarded on the day.

Please make sure you are getting your lessons in to be eligible to grade

If you are unsure of anything regarding your grading, please speak to an instructor

Neil Williamson
Assessment Grading

Assessment gradings for Cadets & Adults will start from Sunday 26th May and continue throughout the week during lessons.

Please see an Instructor if there are any queries regarding your grading

Neil Williamson