Adult Student Notice

There will be no Adults class this Sunday 5th May

If this is a day you’d normally train please feel free to attend another session during the week.


Neil Williamson
Brutal Bag Sessions!

The next block of 8 sessions starts this Saturday 6th April 10am - 11.15am

Only £25 for the 8 week course!

Limited spaces available so book yours now!

Neil Williamson
Graduation Grading

And also well done to our Adults who came down and took part in their Graduation Grading!

And especially well done to Krzysztof, Sabby and Scott whose grading lasted three hours today! We have always said the work gets harder the higher up you get in our grading system and now you guys are all in the advanced block!

Keep it up guys, great work!

Neil Williamson
Graduation Grading

A big well done to all our Cadets who came and took part in the Graduation Grading today!

It was great to see so many of our Cadets who have passed their Ninja Black belts moving so far up the school and getting closer to their Cadet Black Belts!

Also great to see our new Cadets who have just come into the class from the Ninjas earn their first Cadet belts!

Great work overall from everyone guys, keep it up! Next one is only three months away!

Neil Williamson
Graduation Grading

Graduation grading is this Saturday 30th March

Cadets - 10am - 12pm

Adults - 12pm onwards

Please make sure you are wearing full uniform and your current belt

Grading cost is £15 per student and all belts and certificates will be awarded on the day

See you on the mats!

Neil Williamson
Ninja Black Belt Awarded

WBBA Instructors would like to say a big congratulations to D’Marco for passing his Ninja Black belt grading!

Great work and effort shown throughout!

Well done!

Neil Williamson
Ninja Black Belt

WBBA Instructors would like to say a huge well done to Amraya for passing her Ninja Black Belt this weekend.

Keep up the hard work now you're moving into the Cadets!


Neil Williamson