One week’s free training initially

Then if you decide to join:

Joining fee

£49. This includes:

  • One Month’s unlimited training
  • One free uniform
  • Your first years insurance

Subsequent payments will depend on how often you would train

  • £29 per month for once a week training.
  • £49 per month for twice a week training.
  • £55 per month for unlimited training possible four lessons per week.
  • Private lessons are available at £25.00 per hour. Discounted when block booking

Grading Prices

  • £15 per graduation grade (with the exception of Little Ninjas where there is no charge)

Prices for Specialised Sparring Classes (Strike and Grapple, Boxing and Technical Sparring)

  • £5 per lesson for member
  • £7 per lesson for non-members

Private Lessons

  • £25 per hour (discounts available for block bookings)